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How PKI saves from MITM

A more important question is why do we need a CA for PKI. If a CA is removed from the PKI then MITM can’t be prevented. When you have to trust a server you just ask the server to show the certificates they have and if you trust the CA (root or intermediate) that signed it you can go ahead and say the server can be trusted. However, when you have a server (let’s say) example.

How to Extract Out a Few Swagger/OpenAPI APIs into another document

Extracting out a few APIs comes handy when you’re documenting something about a specific API on Confluence or if you have an API Gateway that has only exposed a few of the APIs from your application. openapi-filter ( can be used to extract out these APIs from your swagger/openapi document. Mark the APIs that you want to extract out with the following flag: x-internal: true. For example, openapi: 3.0.0 info: title: API version: 1.